The Engagement

Hi, folks.

We’ve tried to use the pronoun “we” as much as possible on the site (twice in just this sentence, in fact!), but in this case, we (3!) have to go with “I,” instead.  Here’s the very short version of Cormac’s engagement day.

Unbeknownnst to Rachel, we’re on our way to the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax in West Hollywood–the scene of our first date in January ’08. I’ve gotten the manager to change the marquee to RACHEL SAYS YES and gotten a photographer friend to hide in the bushes across the street.  Because I’m smooth like that.

We’re driving toward the theater on a generic “dress-up date night,” and I tell her to close her eyes. Her last pre-engagement words? “OK, but make it fast. I have to pee.” Because she’s smooth like that, too.

Meanwhile, Photographer Friend Guy (PFG) is accosted by a film crew working on the other side of the fence behind aforementioned bushes, which happen to be next to CBS Studios. They accuse him of being a paparazzo and are about to kick him out / kick his face when he explains the deal and points to the sign as evidence. They all camp out behind PFG and wait.

We pull up and park in the loading zone. I help Rachel out of the car, walk her over to the sign, get on one knee and ask her to look up. She does, opens her eyes, looks over at me, starts crying, jumping, and agreeing via words that cannot be typed in public.  PFG snaps away, the film crew behind the fence cheers, and now you’re here.

I’m honestly happier than I’ve ever been in my life. She’s my best friend, absolutely beautiful, a total dork, and I can’t imagine spending a day of my life without her.